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Recommended Books

David Barlow & Michelle Craske (2006). Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic: Workbook (Treatments That Work).

Duane Brown (1996). Flying Without Fear.

Gillian Butler (2008). Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques.

David Carbonell (2004). Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick.

Tamar E. Chansky (2001). Freeing Your Child from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Powerful, Practical Program for Parents of Children and Adolescents.

Pema Chodron (2007). The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times.

Michelle G. Craske & David H. Barlow (2006). Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry: Workbook (Treatments That Work).

Peter Desberg (1996). No More Butterflies: Overcoming Stagefright, Shyness, Interview Anxiety, & Fear of Public Speaking.

Janet Esposito (2000). In the Spotlight:Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing.

Edna Foa & Reid Wilson (2001). Stop Obsessing!: How to Overcome Your Obsessions and Compulsion.

John P. Forsyth & Georg H. Eifer (2008), The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety: A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias, and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Steven Hayes (2005). Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Dawn Huebner & Bonnie Matthews (2005). What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety.

Dawn Huebner & Bonnie Matthews (2007). What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming OCD.

Bruce Hyman & Troy Dufrene (2008). Coping With OCD: Practical Strategies for Living Well With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder.

Bruce Hyman & Cherry Pedrick (2005). The OCD Workbook: Your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Jon Kabat-Zinn (1990). Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness.

Robert L. Leahy (2009). Anxiety Free: Unravel Your Fears Before They Unravel You

Chad Lejeune (2007).The Worry Trap.

John March (2007). Talking Back to OCD.

Barbara Markway, Alec Pollard, Teresa Flynn & Cheryl Carmin (1992). Dying of Embarassment: Help for Social Anxiety & Phobia.

Fred Penzel (2000). Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: A Complete Guide to Getting Well and Staying Well.

Christine Purdon & David Clark (2005). Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD.

Judith L Rapoport (1989). The Boy who Couldn't Stop Washing: the Experience and Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Beverly Beyette (1997). Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior.

Claire Weekes (1972). Peace from Nervous Suffering.

Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, & Jon Kabat-Zinn (2007). The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness.

Reid Wilson (2009). Don't Panic Third Edition: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks.

Bonnie Zucker (2009). Anxiety-Free Kids: An Interactive Guide for Parents and children.


Organizations and Associations

www.psych.org — American Psychiatric Association

www.apa.org — American Psychological Association

www.adaa.org — Anxiety Disorders Association of America

www.abct.org — Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

www.freedomfromfear.com — Freedom From Fear

Panic Disorder Division — National Institute of Mental Health

www.ocfoundation.org — Obsessive Compulsive Foundation

http://www.ocfoundation.org/hoarding — Obsessive Compulsive Foundation Hoarding Website

www.miminc.org — Madison Institute of Medicine, Inc.

www.trich.org — Trichotillomania Learning Center


Web Sites

The Adventures of Anxiety Girl — Blog devoted to anxiety

Anxieties.com — Excellent self-help site by Dr. Reid Wilson

Anxiety - Panic Resource Center — Social Network and Support Group

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The Anxiety and Panic Internet Resource — Free services and Support

Anxietycoach.com — Excellent site by Dr. David Carbonell

Anxiety Treatment Australia

Encourage Connection — Information and Support for Anxiety Sufferers

Gut Reaction — Information about the fear of vomiting

Lifeline Anxiety Disorder Newsletter

OCD Center of Los Angeles

OCD Online

Online Fear & Phobia Forum

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Anxiety and Panic Disorder Center of Los Angeles

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Selective Mutism

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Social Anxiety Treatment Australia

Stress Management Resources — Resources from the Georgia Southern University Counseling Center

Stress Reduction Basics